Phase 2

Analytical Synopses of the collusion-cover-ups-corruption-coercion and conspiracies that have transpired

Certified Court Transcript – 15-Aug-07- Newmarket, Ontario

Certified Court Transcript – 19-Sep-07- Newmarket, ON

Certified Court Transcript- 09-Jan-08- Newmarket, ON

Certified Court Transcript – 07-feb-08-Newmarket ON

Certified Court Transcript-06-Mar-08-Newmarket, ON

Certified Court Transcript- 10-Apr-08- Newmarket,ON

Certified Court Transcript – 10-Jun-08- Newmarket ON

Certified Court Transcript- 11-Jun-08 -Newmarket, ON

Certified Court Transcript- 25-Jun-08 – Newmarket, ON

Certified Court Transcript- 13-Aug-08 -Newmarket, ON

Justice Wright’s cover-ups-collusion-improprieties and wrongdoings committed during the hearing of his own recusal motion 08-May-09

Civil Law Suit against Justice Peter Wright et al…24-Jun-11

Intentional Injustices incurred at the hands of Justice Peter Wright-Steven Sager-Saara Wilson-Marcy Segal and the Newmarket Crown Attorneys

Law Society Investigation -Complaint into Steven Sager

Marcy Segal – 12-Jun-08 until the 31-Jul-08

Marcy Segal- 12-Jun-08 until the 31-Jul-08 -(TYPED)

Saara wilson-17-Jul-08 until the 09-Oct-08

Saara Wilson – 17-Jul-08 until the 09-Oct-08 -(TYPED)

Steven R. Sager- 17-Oct-06 until the 04-Aug-08

Steven R. Sager -17-Oct-06 until the 04-Aug-08 (TYPED-PART 1)

Steven R. Sager -17-Oct-06 until the 04-Aug-08 (TYPED-PART 2)

Steven R. Sager -17-Oct-06 until the 04-Aug-08 (TYPED-PART 3)

Analysis of Certified Court Transcripts (Newmarket)- 15-Aug-07 until the 06-Mar-08 (TYPED)